"A Family Collaboration"


My Favourite Bible Stories and My Favourite Prayers really is a family affair. 

Knowing her family’s strong Christian values, the brain child and talented illustrator of the books, Kelly Nicholls, persuaded her mother, Barbara, brother Ricky and God sister Janice to support her to bring to life her vision of making popular bible stories more visually accessible to children of colour.

As a mother, grandmother and a qualified social worker working with children and young people for over 25 years, Barbara fully supported Kelly’s vision.

Barbara highlights that she knows only too well how important it is for all children to be able to see images that they can relate to and to meet important characters that look like them in books.

Barbara says ‘I’m proud of my children, their creativity and their values and I hope that this boxset will help all children to know that they are also valued by God.’

But what better way to encourage black families to read bible stories and pray together than to produce these books that have been created and self published as a family.


Kelly-Jade Nicholls


Barbara Walters-Ennis


Janice Price


Ricky Senior